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#1: No icon COD4 Patch Update Servers & Client Author: =[E|M]=MajorCarlLocation: Upstate NY USA PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:58 am
Laughing Hi Folks,
This is a notice that as of 11PM EST. March 17th, 2008 Our COD4 Servers will be updated to the latest patch ver.1.5 .You will need to update your game to be able to join the servers. Here is a link that you can copy into your browser which will bring you to a download page with all the installation instructions: ...We have had a grat deal of traffic on our servers while running the ver.1.4 but to avoid some of the unfair practices that are now happening we are moving up. We hope to continue to generate the server traffic we have come to enjoy and look forward to your support as clan members to play on our servers.
I am looking at possibly creating some private slots on the servers for members who are donating to our server projects. If we have private slots we will assign a password for you to be able to join even when the servers are full. Future updates will be announced as they arise. As always I appreciate each and every one of you not only as =[E|M]= clan members but also as great friends!!
Best Regards!


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