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#1: No icon Jan_2017 Donations Author: =[E|M]=MajorCarlLocation: Upstate NY USA PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:27 am
Below is a list of donations for the month of Jan_2017.
Donat-o-Meter Stats

January´s Goal: $200.00
Due Date: Jan 31
Amount in: $30.00
Balance: $28.83
Left to go: $171.17

=[E|M]=MajorTarget $30 Jan-2

Thank you Phil for your continued support your help is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately it has become impossible to continue to operate and pay the bills. Think about helping out today, any amount would be appreciated.


ExtremeMaximum Administrator & Founder

extrememaximumclan.com -> =[E|M]=ClanDonations

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